Memory Card Recovery to Recover Files for Windows&Mac

1Is memory card recovery possible?

The answer is definitely YES!

For most of people, memory card is quite important, no matter memory sticks and SD cards and more. They have recorded the cherished moments in people's life by videos or pictures. Unluckily, misfortune occurs sometimes. But remember it: however files are gone from your memory card, the data will be only marked with "delete" and tell the system that the capacity can be used again. Therefore, before do memory card data recovery, there are something you ought to keep your eyes upon:

Don'ts: Don't take pictures or save other files on your memory card, or your data will be overwritten. It implies that the opportunity of card data recovery or card recovery Mac will lessen.

Dos: Do the recovery of memory card ASAP with memory card recovery program. The longer you wait, the smaller the recovery possibility will be. Because these new files that are written in during the using will clear the lost files forever

2How to recover data from memory card?

To perform a memory card recovery, you ought to use a recovery for memory card. If you are running Windows OS, you can choose Wondershare Photo Recovery,  an economical card recovery that supports the recovery of audio, videos and photos files lost as a result of many reasons from different kinds of memory cards. If you are running Mac OS X, you can use the Mac version, Wondershare Photo Recovery for Mac (available for Mavericks).

Download win version Download mac version


3 steps to complete the memory card recovery

No matter whether you are Windows or Mac users, only 3 steps (Select, Scan and Save) needed to recover data from memory card. Install and then launch Wondershare Photo Recovery/for Mac according to your operating system.

Step 1. Connect your memory card to your PC via a USB cable or a card reader. Then select the memory card. After that, hit the button "Scan" to search for your lost data.

card recovery

Step 2. In the scanning results, slim over the files and check those files you want for recovery.

memory card data recovery

Step 3. select a save place and recover your files.

memory card recovery

Tips: 1. Remember not to store the files that have been recovered in the source card. Instead, choose another save place like computer hard drive.
2. Backup your important data on your memory card regularly to some other storage devices to avoid memory card corruption.

3Video tutorial of memory card data recovery

4Memory card data loss scenarios

> Photos deleted intentionally or accidentally from memory cards
> Photo loss due to "Delete All" operation or formatting
> Data loss due to the using between different /devices/computers/cameras
> Memory card damage or error, or inaccessible memory card
> Corruption owning to the card being pulled out while your camera is on
> Damage caused by turning off your camera during a write/read process
> Data corruption because of crucial areas damage e.g. BOOT, ROOT, FAT area damage
> Other events causing damage to data

Download win version Download mac version

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Hi, I think you need to contact out support to get more details about this phenomena.
I purchased Wondershare Photo Recovery, and it seemed to work. However, when I try to view the pics, it say "no preview available". Does this mean my photo's were logically lost?
Hi, sorry to hear what has happened. I have to see it seems your memory card is attacked by virus. You might need to try an anti-virus program to check it first.
when I connected memorycard to windows 8 laptop all files changed to shortcut.and half of the memorycard deleted..wht to do? plz help..
Can you preview the photo in the scan result after scanning?
I have recovered pictures but when i open it, it says no preview available. Help me please to resolve this issue. thanks.
If you can only get back the thumbnail, the original picture may have been overwritten. When losing data on the memory card, stop using it as soon as possible. Any operation can make the lost data overwritten.
I haven't tried Wondershare yet but I've tried trial versions of other photo recovery tools. I get most of my lost photographs back but however I can only see a thumbnail verison of them. When I double click, they are grey. Just wondering if in anyway at all possible they can be recovered? these pics are very special to me, I was devastated when they got deleted.!
Maybe, not 100%. So you need to download the trial version of the program to scan it at first.
if i deleted a video in SD card and took some photos after that, will the photo overwrites the video?
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